About Us

About Us

At ITecchurately we think about more than technology. We think about people, and their business. Even the best financial and business management software systems must be implemented by individuals with the right information, tools, and training to effectively apply them.

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We believe in listening to our clients, and in delivering the best possible accounting information systems to cost effectively manage their accounting, business and financial management needs.

Choosing software is not the first step to a successful implementation. The first step is to identify your business goals, such as increasing revenue and improving cash flow.

We specialize in the distribution and manufacturing industries and are well versed on the pain points you feel and how best to address them. Armed with knowledge and information about your business, we are able to make educated and confident recommendations regarding the best financial management and accounting information systems to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Easy & Simple - No Coding Required!

After assessing your technology needs, evaluating time and budget constraints, and determining the required functionality, we effectively implement the chosen software system to meet your business goals. We keep you fully informed throughout the process, eliminating the potential for surprises or disappointments, and increasing the chance for project success. The end result? You get better access to your financial and business information through a practical software system that has the functionality you need, at the price you want, with none of the fluff

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Proven Methodology

As a group of experienced software professionals, the team at ITtechurately has learned a thing or two about successful projects. Through our years of experience and the completion of countless engagements, we have come to realize that the success of a project has little to do with the selected software. Project success is almost always the result of a good project team and adherence to a proven methodology.

To mitigate the common risks associated with technology implementations, namely cost overruns, late delivery and a lack of functionality, ITtechurately utilizes our OnTrack Methodology (formerly known as the Success Methodology). This project methodology was specifically designed for mid market technology implementations. By following the OnTrack Methodology we are able to follow a consistent, repeatable process that ensures we help you select the right software, make appropriate customizations and deliver your project on time and on budget.

From the moment you engage ITtechurately you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who takes responsibility for your project. We assign project managers based on expertise, which means you not only get a resource that is educated in our methodology but one who knows your industry as well. The project manager will hand select the rest of your project team and ensure you have the right combination of experience, creativity and expertise to make your project run smoothly from start to finish. Your team will be well versed in business processes, data conversion, third party systems integration, hardware infrastructure and the latest e-business trends and technologies.

At ITtechurately, we don’t just deliver projects. We build relationships for life. For us, success does not simply mean a completed implementation. It means a fully satisfied client who has confidence in the entire process and who feels heard and supported throughout the entire project lifecycle.


Industries Served

You trust experts in every aspect of your life. You take your car to a qualified mechanic, you visit certified dental professionals, and most of us don’t cut our own hair. In order to yield the best results you need to engage the services of competent individuals who are experts. It shouldn’t be any different when it comes to your business.

With ITtechurately you get industry experts who understand the challenges and opportunities that face your industry and can impact your bottom line. We speak your language, we understand your business, and we’ve got the collective expertise to solve your challenges. We’ve chosen to focus our efforts in areas where our expertise and unique suite of technology solutions fit best – and that means you get qualified, expert attention and fast, superior results.

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We have developed our team of professionals and built our services around the following industry sectors:

Aviation & Flight Support

Supply Chain & Logistics



Construction & Civil Works

Non – Profit Organizations


3d & Media Productions

Retail, Trading & Distribution

Health Care

Textile & Garments


Innovation is Key

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